Things about breakup sex that nobody tells you

Things No One Tells You About Breakup Sex

Things about breakup sex that nobody tells you

Having breakup sex can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the split, if not the only enjoyable aspect. The majority of the time, this occurs when a couple separates amicably and in private (I can’t see the couples splitting up in Chipotle having breakup sex, but I could be wrong). Is that just me, or do you meet up to “exchange stuff” or for some other illogical reason that’s really just an excuse to hang together again? Say it’s not just you, please. The point is that it’s all heated, confused, and potentially very good. It can.

It can also be pretty bad. And generally speaking, it’s not the ideal choice for your mental health and general wellbeing. Not that you should feel awful about doing it; after all, many of us have done it, including myself, dear god. And believe me when I say that I’ve made all of the subsequent mistakes. Although every person is unique, I would suggest that breakup sex is generally more trouble than it’s worth. I’m aware that’s not how it’s presented in romantic comedies, where you end up reconciling because you’ve always been in love, then you rush off into the sunset. But from what I’ve seen, it’s more of a quickie with only half your clothing on, followed by a sort of “… now what?” We prefer not to discuss that version.

Here are things no one tells you about breakup sex:

It Doesn’t Always Happen

Breakup sex - It Doesn't Always Happen

There are a lot of hot-headed emotions, a lot of strong feelings, and typically a lot of tension when you split up. That is why sex occurs sporadically. Sometimes there’s just too much expectation, but one of you is smart enough to see that it’s a horrible idea, so you’re left feeling ridiculous and incredibly frustrated. Don’t count on it, but take my word for it.

It CAN Be Great

Breakup sex - It CAN Be Great

I guess it shouldn’t be so good. You’ve just determined why being together is not a good idea. You might feel hurt or irritated. possibly just very depressed and emotional. However, none of stuff is very aphrodisiac-heavy like Marvin Gaye in the background. However, sometimes it’s just unbearably hot for some reason. which seems to be a little off. But that only intensifies the heat. Man, we are in trouble.

But It Won’t Necessarily Be

Breakup sex - But It Won't Necessarily Be

Even stranger than the fact that it’s amazing is the overt discomfort that results from having really terrible breakup sex. You don’t have any of the relational sweetness to fill in the gaps, so it could be anticlimactic, awkward, or just not very good. Instead, you’re just engaging in incredibly bizarre, terrible sex with a person you’ve just made the decision not to be with.

You Sort Of Won’t Know When To Stop

You Sort Of Won't Know When To Stop

The magic eventually breaks, whether it is through the actual sexual activity, the post-sex cuddling, or getting out of bed. One of you will probably stay since eventually you’re going to have to face the fact that you’re no longer together. Or simply play another round. Anything to stay away from the judgmental outside.

It Can Be A Bad Gateway

It Can Be A Bad Gateway

No matter how certain you were about your split, sex might still cause problems. The reasons for splitting up suddenly don’t seem to make as much sense anymore when you start to feel in love again (or just remember how fantastic they are in bed). Try not to get caught in that loved-up glow, whether you decide to get back together or simply end up in that awful “we’re exes who are still hooked up on one other but are still having sex” area.

It Is Awkward AF Afterwards

It Is Awkward AF Afterwards

You think that lying around after sex is awkward after a one-night stand or a bad hookup? That’s nothing compared to breakup sex. What do you say to each other? What does it the other one thinking? What does it all mean? Yeah, sometimes it’s super sexy and hot and a great way to say goodbye, but other times you’re just lying their naked and uncomfortable wondering “What next?”. Be careful out there.


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