Habits that make you looks cheap

People have diverse understandings of what we call class. But no matter how much money, knowledge, status or social class one has, the little things that these few people do, drops their class to zero.

and this is exactly what we are going to talk about. These are habits that most people say that originate from your childhood, from your environment and the way you have been brought up, however some can be from other social backgrounds. While the rest can be their very own personal shortcomings.

But the important thing is that everything mentioned here are habits that one can amend, therefore what you can do after reading this article is to try getting rid of these bad habits, bad addictions and shortcomings, in case you have any.


Usage of bad words

Now usually when we talk to a friend, we use terms like ‘Uba’ and ‘machan’ which may have the possibility to be considered as a bad word by a child. But here we aren’t talking about such words. Now there are some folks, no matter where they are or who they are with, they just enjoy starting their sentences with filth. Also, there are these other folks who love using double meaning stories, words or phrases when there are girls around.

Of course, talking to a close friend who knows all about you is not something wrong. But at office, in the general public or among ordinary acquaintances, the use of filth, double-meaning stories and words that can be called vulgar in general, is not a very nice or respectable thing to do. There are also people on social media who spread the usage of filth all over, but they need to be more careful as this trait brings down your class among the society.


Slippers during weekdays

Normally there is a standard work wear for an office, something formal and decent to represent oneself respectfully. At some offices wearing something casual as a T-shirt is alright. But putting on shoes is essential for most of the offices during all five working days of a week. Therefore, during office hours apart from Saturdays which is a casual wear day, it can be a little too inappropriate to come into the office wearing sandals instead of shoes. Also, this habit can easily drop your class among the society


Unpolished shoes


Shoes need to be cleaned. They must be polished well. Nowadays, people don’t clean their shoes for work, they end up wearing the same dusty shoe all five days but even though it is a leather shoe or suede shoe people must understand to wear cleaned shoes. Otherwise they end up looking indecent and it brings down their class when they wear stained, old and unpolished shoes. In fact, no matter how old the shoes are, if they are properly polished and kept clean, they will not look old.



Many people think that it takes a lot of money to look good. That is not what it is!

Basically, when a man goes out, he shaves his beard, cleans his teeth, to say in short, he does exactly his part of grooming, and then he looks important, decent and clean. It doesn’t matter if the beard and hair are styled. But they must make sure that it is maintained well. They must shower and maintain their personal hygiene if not this look will make them seem unpleasant and bring down their class.


A word is a word

A person’s status or class can be identified through his actions and if he seems to be a person who would keep his/her word. One of the main things that enhances a person’s status is this quality of keeping their word. That does not mean impossible things are promised. If something is promised, that promise will not be broken. It is not nice to not keep the word.

But here’s something else. With our busy lives, we may sometimes have to change what we said. But the right thing to do at such times is to inform the person or party in advance that they will not be able to fulfill their promise at that moment.


Spit everywhere

Some day or the other we have all seen gentlemen getting out of their fully air-conditioned cars and spitting on the side of the road. This very much reduces your status in the society. They may be spitting betel nut, chewing gum or just saliva but in the end of the day it’s a shame for that person as well as disgusting for the person who sees it.




Apart from those being a gay or lesbian, Men and women are usually attracted to each other. Flirting with each other in a decent way is never wrong. but there are these men who try to make silly and inappropriate jokes in front of girls, they try touching while talking and they try to exceed their limits. This behavior is very unacceptable and offensive. This is another trait that we find in most men today which reduces their class in the society.

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