How to Be a Better Lover

Has having sex become into a routine? Age-related hormone decline may occur, however fostering your passion might rekindle the flame. Try these easy ideas to rekindle the lust in your bedtime rendezvous. Easy steps how to be a better lover.

How to Be a Better Lover

Plan your encounters to be a better lover

How to Be a Better Lover - Plan your encounters

Even watching television, time has a way of slipping away and getting consumed by things you didn’t intend to do. Plan your travels so they don’t escape you if you want to be a better lover for your significant other. Describe them as dates if you wish. Making plans to become intimate builds interest and builds anticipation. You are not required to travel or take any special actions. If your days are free, set aside an evening, morning, or afternoon, just for the two of you. You can be a better lover.

Change your routine to be a better lover

How to Be a Better Lover - Change your routine

If you and your partner have been dating for a while, there’s a good chance your sexual habits are fairly well established. (Many people agree that these are the stages of marriage.) Stop and make a change the next time you find yourself beginning your ritual. It doesn’t need to be something significant. Light aromatic candles, take a shower together rather than alone, or give each other warm oil massages. Play the music you listened to on your first date. Wear something unusual—or even impure—to bed. Your love life might experience a new sense of excitement even from relatively little changes. Or think about switching locations. Consider booking a hotel room for a romantic retreat.

Slow down and enjoy it

How to Be a Better Lover - Slow down and enjoy it

Your body will naturally slow down, but your brain might be urging you to speed things along more quickly. Unwind and relish the journey. Find novel techniques to arouse your lover without engaging in sexual activity. Enjoy giving and receiving, and allow events to progress at their own speed.

Try different positions

Try different positions

Health problems can occasionally make your favored positions for making out uncomfortable or even impossible. Try side-to-side postures, which eliminate the need to support yourself or make room for your partner’s weight, if arthritis or a comparable disease is an issue. You may adjust the depth of penetration while receiving additional support in seated positions (especially if you place your back against a wall or the back of a chair). If a man has trouble keeping an erection, he might want to try lying on top of his partner with his legs outside of theirs so they can squeeze their thighs together to further stimulate his penis. Learn about the most typical erectile dysfunction reasons.

Spread out the love

Better Lover - Spread out the love

It’s fantastic to have sex all afternoon long or in the evening when you’re not exhausted. However, it’s not always the case. Instead of hurrying through a “quickie,” consider pausing your romantic activities and picking up where you left off later. Even if he hasn’t had an orgasm, a man may feel that he has had a sensual session of bringing his partner pleasure.

Savour the experience

Savour the experience

After sex, delight in the comforts of lying beside each other. Use the time to talk, or simply drift off to sleep together.

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