7 Sinhala films banned for various reasons

About two weeks ago we brought you an article about flopped books. Today’s article is being written as an extension of that article. But it’s not about books, it’s about movies. There were various reasons for these films to flop. The main reason is political influence.




Brothers Giwantha Arthasad and Dinesh Priyasad did a new job in 1979 to add a new dimension to the film industry in Sri Lanka. That was the production of the first cartoon film in Sri Lanka called Dutugemunu. Unfortunately, this film was only shown in Sri Lanka for one day. The righteous JR Jayewardene government took action to ban this film. The story they used was that the film was an insult to the character of Dutugemunu. But in fact, the ruling elite at the time saw it as a problem to air a film like this at a time when the government was trying to remove history from the school curriculum. Also, the higher seats of the UNP were not so happy about the scene where a giant in the film picks up an elephant and strikes it.


Sagarayak meda


It is no secret that Gamini Fonseka took a pro-UNP stance. During the Sirimavo Bandaranaike government he was even attacked by the police for leading a satyagraha. With that upheaval of 1977, Mr. Fonseka made the film ‘Sagarayak meda’ depicting the hardships experienced by the entire country like himself during the last government. The politician he portrayed there, Ramanayake, bore a striking resemblance to Felix Dias Bandaranaike, the most powerful minister in the United Front government. Due to this Felix Dias Bandaranaike tried to get an injunction against the film ‘Sagarayak meda’. But in the end it failed.


Purahanda Kaluwara


Purahanda Kaluwara is a film that had to face various obstacles from the very beginning. The screenplay presented by Prasanna Vithanage was initially opposed by the board of directors and he had to submit another script. Following the production of the film, the competent authority ruled that the film could not be shown due to the war situation in the country. When the issue was resolved, the then Minister in charge of the subject Sarath Amunugama also postponed the screening of the film. Prasanna Vithanage bravely faced all these obstacles and finally got the opportunity to broadcast the Purahanda kaluwara. Many including Prasanna Vithanage believed that Sanath Goonetileke, the then media advisor to the President, was behind this obstruction.




Ashoka Handagama’s Aksharaya is a film that was censored without any opportunity to be screened in the country. The Board of Directors decided to ban the film due to a scene in which actress Piumi Samaraweera and then child actor Isham Samsudeen appeared nude in the film. Subsequently, the decision of the Governing Body was upheld by a court order. Another reason was that the screenplay was centered around a judge. Even though the ‘Aksharaya’ was not shown in cinemas in Sri Lanka, the ‘Aksharaya’ is still available online which you can watch.


Boradiya Pokuna


All the actors, actresses including the film director and producer made a huge sacrifice for Boradiya Pokuna. Initially, the board of directors told them to remove all obscene material from the film. But no one agreed. Twelve years later, in 2015, the film was released in theaters. However, a talented actor like Duminda Silva who played the lead role in the film had lost the opportunity to go a long way in cinema.


The court is silent


Like ‘Purahanda Kaluwara’, the film ‘Court is Silent’ directed by Prasanna Vithanage has to face legal action at the Sri Lankan screening. The reason for this is that the film is based on the corrupt and infamous life of a former judge named Lenin Ratnayake. Lenin Ratnayake is trying to get an injunction against this film. But the court also takes the side of the film that the court is silent at this point. Due to this, after a temporary censorship for a few days, the courts throughout the country began to hold silent screenings.




 If this film had been produced in some way, it would have been a turning point in the history of Sri Lankan cinema. However, due to the prevailing situation in the country and protests by the Ministry of Defense, Gamini Fonseka had to abandon the production of this film.

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Invasion of the Maldives by the PLOTE organization in Sri Lanka

Due to the failure of this invasion, not much is being said about it today. But the failure of this invasion is considered to be one of the greatest victories of the Indian Army. It is also the first and only invasion of Sri Lanka by Sri Lankans since independence.


First, we get a little idea about PLOTE organization. PLOTE was started by Uma Maheswaran. Initially he was a strong member of the LTTE but later withdrew due to differences with Prabhakaran. He was also involved in a shootout with Prabhakaran in India. Although Uma Maheswaran was involved in organizing the invasion of the Maldives, there is no evidence that he participated in it. Initially, PLOTE was funded by India.

Therefore, even if India intervened to prevent the invasion of the Maldives, India was not trying to put too much pressure on PLOTE. With the assassination of Uma Maheswaran, the PLOTE organization was gradually weakening. Today that organization has obtained the membership of the Tamil National Alliance as a political party.

Abdullah Lutfi

Abdullah Lutfi is accused of being the mastermind behind the PLOTE invasion. Abdullah was born in the Maldives and became a billionaire due to the poultry industry in Sri Lanka at that time. According to some reports, it was first his idea about the invasion of the Maldives.
His hope is to rule the Maldives through the dictatorial old regime after the overthrow of Abdul Gayoom. According to some reports, Uma Maheswaran comes to meet Lutfi with an idea about the invasion of the Maldives.

Carrying out the invasion

About 80 members of PLOTE have taken part in this invasion of the Maldives. They landed in Malé’ on November 3, 1988 in several boats and within a few hours consolidated their power in the capital’s strongholds. The airport and the television are the main ones. Also, some members are more interested in looting Malé’ than consolidating their power. Since the city was not very wealthy at the time, their primary focus was on the duty-free supermarkets that were located near the airport.

Abdullah Gayoom

The main reason for the failure of this invasion was the inability of the mercenaries to arrest President Gayoom. Upon hearing of the invasion, Gayoom leaves the Presidential Palace, fleeing his countrymen’s homes and seeking protection.

In the meantime, he was seeking help from the United States, the United Kingdom and India. He did not receive a positive response from the United Kingdom or the United States. But he was moving from place to place with strong faith in India.

Operation Katkus

On November 3, 1988, nine hours after Abdul Gayoom’s request, the Indian Air Force arrived in Malé. Within hours, the parachute and air force were able to gain control of Malé’.
Most of the invaders were killed in the ensuing battles. They tried to flee to Sri Lanka with the help of several boats in Malé’ but were chased and attacked by the Indian Navy. Some died and the rest surrendered to the Indian Navy.


India has earned the respect of the whole world for suppressing this invasion by the Indian Army. The United States and the United Kingdom, which were initially unwilling to provide assistance to Gayoom, had commended India for working to defend democratic rule. After this, relations between India and the Maldives were strengthened and the Maldives continued to seek the protection of the Indian Army. This relationship has been strong until very recently, and as the Maldives now has ties with China, there has been some distance.

If the conspiracy was successful…

It is said that if the coup had succeeded, Lutfi would have made a verbal promise to establish a dictatorship in the Maldives and to give PLOTE power over several islands.

If that were the case, an example of a businessman seizing power in a country through a conspiracy could have gone down in world history. Political analysts say the incident could destabilize the entire South Asian region.

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